Acrylic knowledge

The word "acrylic" may sound strange. Because it is a new term that has appeared on the mainland in the past two years. Until 2002, it was gradually understood by a few people in the advertising industry, industry, and crafts industry. "Acrylic" is a transliteration foreign word, English is CRYLIC, it is a chemical material, the chemical name is "PMMA". Commonly known as "specially treated plexiglass", its raw materials are generally in the form of granules, plates, pipes, etc. in the application industry. world-wide. Acrylic applications are very extensive, and their application areas vary depending on their physical and chemical properties.

The front windshield and side windows of the aerospace industry aircraft. Acrylic materials are generally used. Of course, it is different from the application in our outdoor advertising. It is a kind of acrylic sheet with high impact resistance, high sound insulation and very high temperature difference. Of course, the price is very expensive.

The expressway is used for the sound insulation board in the middle of the soundproof highway, the city's high speed, and the distance between the houses. It is also an impact-resistant, highly sound-insulating acrylic sheet. Of course, it will be processed into a strip pattern according to special needs. Among them, the role of strip stripes, one is both permeability. It is not completely transparent, causing the driver's visual fatigue: the second is to protect the birds: the third is to easily observe the two sides

Civil industry

1, furniture, tabletops, chairs (mostly used in color panels):

2, catering industry: fruit plate, tray, all kinds of food utensils (beautiful, environmentally friendly, formaldehyde and other content are much lower than the average plastic);

3, cosmetics, decoration industry: a variety of cosmetic packaging. Makeup trays, shampoo bottles, paper boxes, etc., decorations.

In the field of civil applications, it generally pays more attention to its appearance gloss, thickness uniformity, color color, high temperature resistance and so on. It is also a big use for acrylic. In foreign markets and the Taiwanese market, acrylic's civilian market is very large, and almost everyone's life is inseparable from acrylic materials. In the civil field of the mainland, it is still in the stage of implementation.

Advertising, logo industry

The application of acrylic in the advertising industry is one of its very important uses. Acrylic due to some special excellent performance. Start with some economic strength. The promotion of outdoor propaganda for companies with a vision for development. First, it is mainly foreign-funded enterprises, and then some well-known domestic enterprises. Especially for companies with a chain nature. For example, McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, Sinopec gas station, PetroChina gas station, A Li cake, Hollyland, CITIC Industrial Bank, Thousands of tastes, Haishu home and so on. So why are acrylic materials so highly regarded by these famous brands? Let's take a look at what forms of advertising are currently used in the outdoor advertising industry in China:

1. Metal characters such as iron, copper and stainless steel;

2, inkjet;

3, neon lights, LED lights;

Acrylic has its obvious advantages over several of the above materials:

1, the appearance of high gloss. Bright color, color persistence for more than ten years. This is unmatched by metal or inkjet. For example, an acrylic light box made by a McDonald's in Beijing in the past 82 years is like a new one. The special color saturation and durability and the excellent external gloss are crystal clear in the sunlight. The feeling of sparkling is the customer's perception. One of the important reasons for choosing acrylic.

2, the material itself is strong in light: the acrylic sheet used in the outdoor advertising industry has extremely good light transmission, plus built-in light source, the brightness is even and soft at night. Compared with the neon, the acrylic word is the whole light, unlike the neon light, the line is shining. And softer than neon light lines.

3, built-in light source: no external wiring, not easy to damage. First of all, there is no external wiring, which solves the problem that the neon wiring is not beautiful outside. The utility model solves the problems that the wire and the light source are exposed to the air and is easy to be short-circuited and fired. and. Because of the good sealing of acrylic, it solves the problem that the light cannot be turned on in rainy days. Rain and snow are used as usual.

4, Acrylic word, light box consistency: On this point, acrylic characters, light box molding is thermoforming, after the acrylic sheet is heated, through a variety of molds one-time compression molding or plastic molding, so the same Several sets or several products from the mold set are the same. In addition, as long as the color of the same color number (such as: 136 red), the two boards are very consistent in color, and the naked eye can hardly be separated. In these two senses, the consistency of color and the consistency of specifications facilitate the promotion of corporate image. It also facilitates the uniformity of the decoration and decoration of the store.

5, physical performance is stable, strong resistance to high and low temperature deformation. This is one of the important characteristics of acrylic applied to the outdoor advertising industry. First of all, it has a strong UV resistance, which is one of the reasons why it does not fade. In addition, it can withstand high temperatures of 70 ° C. Low temperature - 50 ° C. In this interval, there will be no change. Most areas of China will not have this temperature difference. So outdoors, businesses can use it with confidence.

6, very strong mechanical processing
(1) Thermoforming performance: Just described between 70 ° C and 50 ° C, the temperature can reach a certain height, and the acrylic sheet softens rapidly. After softening, it can be molded into various shapes according to the shape of the mold, and after cooling to a normal temperature, the physical properties are stabilized.
(2) Strong machinability: The acrylic sheet can be shaped by cutting, sawing, drilling and other tools. The flexibility is relatively good. In general, acrylic sheets do not crack (compared to plexiglass).

In summary, Acrylic has many advantages and is destined for its implementation in the outdoor advertising industry. But is it without its shortcomings? Not exactly, the disadvantages are as follows:

1, the high cost, compared with metal characters, inkjet, neon lights, the price is several times or even 10 times higher.

2, transportation is relatively troublesome, because it is organic material after all, there is a certain degree of brittleness, transportation generally can not overlap, heavy pressure, need relatively good outer packaging. Therefore, the packaging cost is high.

3. The brightness is worse than the neon light directly exposed to the outside. Therefore, very high-rise buildings, and require bright words, light boxes. Acrylic is not up to the requirements.

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of acrylic. We have accurately understood its positioning in the outdoor advertising industry application:

(1) Have economic strength. a brand-conscious business;

(2) Chain facades of low-rise buildings;

(3) The part of the box that combines large billboards with neon lights. For example, finance, insurance, petroleum, petrochemical, food, fast food chain, clothing, home appliances, retail chains.