Transparent Plastic Roof for Swimming Pool

High Quality Acrylic Swimming Pool Panels

Acrylic plexiglass swimming pool has become an essential leisure place of luxury hotel. In recent years, Leyu Plexiglass has taken a number of domestic swimming pool projects.From production of acrylic swimming pool to installation, we accumulated rich experience.

Our products have some advantages as following:

1. Better diaphaneity. It may be reach above 95% which has a clear quality equal to crystal(The scenery inside the aquarium tank may look smaller.

2. The surface of our products is smooth.

3.It has fine property of weather resisitance as well as acid and alkali resistance;

4.Strong plasticity it can be easily shaped and processed;

5.Light self-weight , and can be convenient to transport;

6.Non-toxic to human.

Quick Details

Place of Origin:Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Zunhai Plexiglass
Model Number:Acrylic Swimming Pool
Weight:Half of ordinary glass,Customized
Diaphaneity:More than 93%
Price:factory price
Property:strong plasticity
Mode of production:pouring
Warranty:10 years
Type:Aquariums &Tunnel