big cylinder acrylic fish tank


1.Acrylic is stronger than glass .Softer than glass and more flexible than glass .Making it far more impact resistance and not nearly as prone to chip or crack as glass .

2.Acrylic weights 50% less than glass making it for more manageable to move .

3.Acrylic insulates 20% better than glass reducing temperature flax and saving on heating bills .

4.Easy to maintain and clean .It can be scrubbed with soap and soft cloths.

5.UV resistance.

Quick Details

Type:Aquariums & Accessories
Aquarium & Accessory Type:Aquariums
Place of Origin:Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Zunhai
Model Number:Custom
Color:Clear and Transparent and high brightness
Material:PMMA 100% imported
Diaphaneity:More than 95%
Certificate 1:ISO 9001
Certificate 2:CNASL 1049
Style:big cylinder acrylic fish tank
Harm:No harm to human

Why choose us products
1.Providing onsite installation including waterproofing and sealing.
2.Worldwide Shipping .
3.Polishing and cleaning .
4.After scratch can be repaired .

Overseas Oceanarium Projects

No.Name of ProjectsYear of Construct
1Philippines Underwater WorldDec. 2008
2Vietnam OceanariumOct.2007
3Turkey Oceanarium (Istanbul)Mar. 2009
4Philippines Underwater WorldFeb.2009

Domestic Oceanarium Projects

NO.Name of ProjectYear of Construct
1Hangzhou Xiaoshan Polar Undersea WorldJul.2008
2Hefei andover oceanariumMay.2008
3Yiwu Underwater WorldNov.2007
4Nantong OceanariumJuy.2007
5Wuxi OceanariumMay.2006
6Ningbo OceanariumSep.2005
7Shenyang OceanariumApr.2005
8Wulumuqi OceanariumNov.2008