large plastic fish animal aquarium tanks

Large Plastic Fish Animal Aquarium Tanks

Our products have some advantages as following:

1. Better diaphaneity. It may be reach above 95% which has a clear quality equal to crystal(The scenery inside the aquarium tank may look smaller.) ,is suitable for people to watch.

2. With long service life, above 3 years compared with other material aquariums.

3.It has fine property of weather resisitance as well as acid and alkali resistance;

4.Strong plasticity it can be easily shaped and processed.

5.Light self-weight , it is only half weight compared with ordinary glass, which makes the supporting withstands or the base site bear a small load, and can be convenient to transport;

6.All kinds of acrylic products, the size is designed by customer.

7.Tasteless, non-toxic to marine animals , is beneficial to survival and growth for them.

8.Easy to maintain and clean, it can be scrubbed with soap and soft cloth.

We are the professional manufacturer and importer of cast acrylic procucts.All the panels are produced with imported material.We have the ability to produce extra big and super thick acrylic sheet and have become the leader in acrylic filed.

Besides acrylic sheet, we are pressional in undertaking the following project:

swimming pool project,

oceanarium project,

waterscape restaurant project,

waterscape hotel project,

underwater landscaping project,

super big window project

super large ecological aesthetic aquarium project.

Acrylic procucts has becoming essential leisure place of luxury hotels in recent years. In a word , we will try our best to satisfy you , if you are interested in our products

Quick Details

Place of Origin:Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Zunhai
Raw Material:100% Pure Imported Lucite.
Inside/Outside Use:UV Coating Protection
Proper Use:Temperature should be between 0°C and 40°C.
Applications:Underwater Windows,Pool Windows,Luxury Pool,Luxury Lifestyle..
Warranty:10 years
Light transmission:92%
Compressive strength:123MPa